More Than Home IW

Community Led Affordable Homes For Local People

We want to build homes of true benefit for our community. Homes that will remain available and affordable for Island people in the future.

Have you heard of Community Led Housing?

We believe in strengthening our local community through building relationships and follow the
Community-Led Housing model to enable people and communities to come together to solve their
own housing issues, and live in a supportive manner. Community-led housing is where people and communities play a leading role in addressing their own housing needs. The route taken depends on things like the nature of the demand, available resources, location and type of activity. Approaches encompass new build, regeneration and the use of existing buildings.

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A man holding a sign saying "Have you heard of community led housing"

Our Mission Statement


Offering opportunities for – 

Relationship building in a safe environment, 

Enabling young people to become independent.

To provide – 

High quality, modern and 

Affordable accommodation through a 

Not for profit organisation.

Helping to build confidence and self esteem, giving

Opportunities to build on skills and develop new ones

Moving forward in their lives while –

Enriching community relationships.

What are the advantages of belonging to a community benefit society?

More Than Home is a Community Benefit Society which means we set up More Than Home CLT LTD to serve the broader interests of our community on the Isle of Wight. Any profits we make are plowed back into the business, rather than being distributed to members.

2 people holding a sign saying "What are the advantages of belonging to a community benefit society?"
Lady holding a sign saying "Do you know what a community land trust can do?"

Do you know what a community land trust can do?

More Than Home is a Community Land Trust (CLT) which means we are a not-for -profit organisation, made up of local community members who work to create something that is of real benefit to our community both now and in the long term. We aim to purchase buildings to renovate and land to develop schemes that offer affordable homes that islanders can rent.

How far have we come?

We have a robust business plan and model for a small housing scheme that will include community support for young people aged 18 to 25. We have held discussions with planners and representatives of the IOW Council to give our future tenants more choice, independence and control over their lives.

Aerial view of residential housing

The Timebank Philosophy

The ‘Timebank’ philosophy will be an option for young people in our housing community. The model of Timebanking is to offer one’s own skills or service in the community for a ‘banked hour’. Whilst drawing from the community, help for their own needs and development, the young people can put back with their skills and abilities to support somebody else in need in the wider community. This would help bridge the gap between the generations putting the control in the young person’s hands to decide how and when they call upon help or offer it in return.

West Wight Timebank logo

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Latest News

We have received funding from the IOW Community Led Housing Fund to develop our organisation and carry out feasibility studies. We have also benefited from Community Led Homes Groundwork grants.

Where are we heading?

We are actively seeking to buy a site in the West Wight, or redevelop a property to build our affordable homes. We plan to provide a paid scheme Manager to support the young people in their daily lives, and our informal community support will be engaging and holistic. Our scheme will be funded further by the IOW Community Led Housing grant, private borrowing and other charitable grants. We will be registering as a housing provider with Homes England.